The advantages of MKR evaporation systems:

We have our own laboratory for sample evaporation and analyses as a basis for further project steps.
The control cabinet construction and programming of the control system is completely planned and executed by MKR.
All components that come into contact with digestate are made of stainless steel and thus guarantee a long service life, high resistance and meet the highest technical standards.
Due to the clear structure, our systems are much more accessible. On top of that, MKR evaporators can be extended by further stages without any problems due to their modular structure.
The cleaning of sensors, for example, takes place automatically during operation, so that no blockages build up, even with difficult media.
We use quality components from leading manufacturers.
The complete evaporator system is regularly cleaned by automatic acid/alkaline rinsing passes, removing even the finest organic as well as finest mineral layers that could not be removed with brush systems.
The ASL in mineral fertiliser quality has a pH value of 5.5 - 6.5 without chemical additives. There is no mixing of sulphuric acid and digestate, so the system runs safe and corrosion-free.
There are no moving parts such as brushes in the digestate - this significantly reduces maintenance.
The components for sulphuric acid and vapour scrubbers are made entirely of plastic.
All evaporators are delivered to the construction site pre-assembled. There, the reliable and timely final assembly of the units takes place in a short time.
No container solution, thus easy accessibility and clear pipe routing.
We have the know-how for odourless distillate in dischargeable quality.
Best thermal efficiency up to 4.4 l distillate / kWhth. The evaporator automatically adapts to the available heat, and operates with high thermal flexibility from 65°C to 87 °C.
There is only a small amount of digestate in the system, which greatly reduces the heating phase and reaction time in the event of temperature fluctuations in the heating circuit.
We attach great importance to precise manufacturing and assembly by our qualified specialists at our site in Monheim, Bavaria.
Spare parts stock: The right spare part, up to date, optimally stored and maintained, is available to you by delivery at any time.
The project planning and design of the systems is carried out in close coordination with the customer. Furthermore, we offer individual project analyses with economic feasibility studies.
The system and its interfaces are planned in detail in advance. Installation plans and other documents for approval planning are prepared.
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