Operating principle

using the example of a 3-stage digestate evaporator.

Advantages of evaporation

storage capacity and fertilizer production

  • up to 70 % storage capacity saving
  • evaporator as an alternative to storage construction
  • production of high yield nitrogen fertilizer

transport and field application

  • Only half the number of digestate transports
  • Fewer transports mean less pollution
  • No ammonia losses

Heat utilisation and efficiency

  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Combination of CHP and gas injection is possible
  • Evaporator is integrated into the heating concept


Heat demand: 500 - 600 kW
Distilate flow: up to 2.400  l / h
Distilate efficency: up to 4.4 l/kWh th. (4S)
Heating circuit temp.: 65 ºC bis 87 ºC
Abmessung L x B x H: 20 m x 3 m x 5,5 m
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